U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk has transmitted to Congress the 2010 National Trade Estimate, which describes significant barriers to U.S. trade and investment faced in the last year. The NTE also lists actions being taken by the USTR to address those barriers. 

In addition, Ambassador Kirk delivered two new reports focusing specifically on sanitary and phytosanitary barriers and technical barriers to trade that harm the ability of America's agricultural producers and manufacturers to export.  

"The Obama Administration is following through on its commitment to call out and break down barriers to American exports worldwide," said Ambassador Kirk today.  "This year, we've gone beyond obligatory reporting to focus on some of the toughest hurdles America's farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, and service providers face when they try to sell overseas.  USTR will take the information in these new reports, as well as in the National Trade Estimate itself, and use all the tools that we have to get these markets open to American products."

USTR leads U.S. Government agencies' efforts to ensure that foreign governments play by international trade rules, so that sanitary and phytosanitary regulations or standards and related measures do not hinder U.S. producers seeking to compete in international markets.

View all three reports, plus fact sheets detailing key barriers identified and successes in reducing SPS and TBT barriers.

Source: USTR