The USDA’s “U.S. Export Sales” report revealed that U.S. pork exports for 2013 have fallen to 10,000 metric tons (MT) last week. Hong Kong has been the primary buyer of U.S. pork, importing 5,700 MT.

According to the Daily Livestock Report, U.S. pork exports have decreased to 144,192 MT this past year, 4 percent lower than they were in May 2012.

Russia’s ban on the hormone ractopamine has reduced exports to Russia from 12,177 MT to zero. Exports to China and Hong Kong, too, have decreased by about 9 percent since last year.

However, Mexico and Japan are importing more U.S. pork, says the Daily Livestock Report. Asian markets, too, are increasing their interest in the U.S. pork market, which helps compensate for Russia’s ban.

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