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Antibiotic use in livestock production is receiving increasing attention and scrutiny today. As conversations around this important topic continue, it's important to encourage collaboration and transparency as key ways to help food chain decision-makers understand the important steps producers and veterinarians take to protect animal health. At the same time, as food companies seek to maintain strong demand for safe, responsibly raised pork, they are holding suppliers to higher standards and influencing on-farm practices.

A diverse panel will navigate this complex issue as they discuss the topic from different perspectives throughout the food chain. Speakers will explore how this issue is monitored and evaluated by food companies, explain efforts to demonstrate progress and provide assurances on responsible antibiotic use to customers and reinforce the role everyone plays in strengthening on-farm animal health programs.

Who should attend?

  • Livestock producers and farm owners interested in learning about efforts to collaborate with food chain customers on responsible antibiotic use
  • Veterinarians who help livestock clients implement responsible antibiotic use practices
  • Farm managers and supervisors responsible for overseeing the use of animal health products
  • Livestock industry members who engage with food companies regarding farming practices

What particpants will learn

Participants will gain the following insights by taking part in this webinar:

  • The importance of having good customer relationships with food chain customers
  • The value of reporting progress and demonstrating transparency regarding efforts to promote responsible antibiotic use
  • The role everyone plays in promoting and strengthening on-farm animal health programs