USDA has published a proposed rule regarding reporting of exported pork and distillers’ dried grain (DDG). The proposed rule would add reporting for pork (fresh, chilled, and frozen box/primal cuts) and distillers’ dried grain (DDG) to the Export Sales Reporting Requirements.

Under the proposed rule,  all exporters of U.S. pork and DDG would be required to report on a weekly basis, information on the export sales of pork and DDGs to the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

Comments on this proposed rule should be submitted on or before May 7 to Peter W. Burr, Branch Chief, Export Sales Reporting Branch, Import Policies and Export Reporting Division, Office of Trade Programs, Foreign Agricultural Service, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-1021, STOP 1021; by email at; by telephone at (202) 720-3274; or fax to (202) 720-0876.

Source: USDA