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Latest health postings:

Feeding to Support Pig Immuno-competence

A trial was conducted at LongViewAnimalNutritionCenter to determine the impact of the recently updated Purina Mills Pig Starter Feeds on pig performance and gut bacterial populations when compared to a control. 

1 billion hungry people

Agriculture will need to produce 100 percent more food by 2050 than it does today. And, it will need technology to do it, according to a new white paper by Jeff Simmons, president of Elanco.

Water Management: More Important Than Ever

With corn prices at record-high levels, pork producers are searching for ways to control feed costs. An aspect of efficient swine production that often does not get enough attention is water management.

The Work Environment Inside Hog Buildings

Let’s face it. A hog building is not always the most pleasant place to work.

The Importance of Monitoring Herd Health

Maintaining a high level of herd health is a never-ending job. That’s because even with sound healthcare techniques and good biosecurity, the health status of a swine population is dynamic.

Latest nutrition postings:

Feed Them Right and They will Grow

In an attempt to reduce costs, swine producers feeding newly weaned pigs frequently feed small amounts of complete pellets and transition them to grind and mix diets too soon.

Common Errors in Young Pig Management

In my farm visits with customers, I have noticed some errors in young pig management that are consistent across many farms and buildings. Here is a list of the more common mistakes, in no particular order of importance.

Immunity and Gastrointestinal Function at Weaning

Weaning is a critical period in the pig’s life; the pig must cope with separation from the sow, the transition from highly digestible milk to a less digestible and more complex solid feed, a new environment, movement and separation from littermates, and exposure to unfamiliar pigs.

What is 'Post-Wean Lag' and How to Overcome it

Post-Wean lag is: Low feed intake; poor daily gain or weight loss; diarrhea; morbidity; mortality; immature digestive system; loss of passive immunity (antibodies); immune system not fully developed; and effects from new environment, diet form and pen mates.