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Meeting the Mycotoxin Challenge
Mycotoxins produced by certain corn molds can be particularly problematic for pigs.

Some Old and New Thoughts on Farrowing Induction
Farrowing induction is a production tool that’s been used for years in the swine industry. 

Pig Care Begins on Day 1
AOn farrowing day, the sow tends to get all of the attention. But assigning a worker to focus specifically on the piglets in their first 24 hours of life reaps short- and long-term rewards.

Tap Into Water Quality
As an essential nutrient in pig production, fresh, high-quality drinking water tends to be taken for granted. Water is too often overlooked as a potential source of a problem, even if performance issues arise within a herd

Can You Hear Me?
Feeding and breeding sows, handling piglets, operating a tractor, power washing and grinding feed are among the many noisy tasks required to make a swine operation successful. But did you know that frequent and prolonged exposure to noise, especially levels above 85 decibels, can result in permanent hearing loss?