A field trial was conducted from August 2008 to March 2009 in Iowa to evaluate NEWtraStart Feed on wean-to-finish pig performance. Two barns containing ~ 1,300 head each and located ~20 feet apart were used for the experiment. All pigs received about 1 pound of Purina Infant Pig Starter and then were switched to grind and mix diets with or without NEWtraStart Feed until market. Pigs in barn one received control diets; pigs in barn two received the control diets plus 5 pounds of NEWtraStart Feed per ton of complete feed. Infant Pig Starter and the first four grind and mix diets contained Denagard while the last six grind and mix diets contained NO antibiotics. 

Overall, supplementation of 5 pounds per ton of NEWtraStart Feed resulted in pigs eating 2.6% more feed, gaining 3.6% faster, having a 1.1% better feed conversion and reaching market weight 6 days earlier when compared to pigs receiving control diets (Table 1). 

Table 1.  Supplementation of NEWtraStart Feed improves performance of wean to finish pigs

Item Controlac Control + 5 lb of NEWtraStart Feedbc Improvements
Overall Performance      
ADG, lb 1.37 1.42 3.6%
ADFI, lb 3.88 3.98 2.6%
Avg. Gain, lb 237.32 237.39  
Feed: Gain 2.83 2.80 -1.1%
Pig Weight, lb      
Initial 12.06 13.24  
End of trial 250.07 251.61  
Days on trial 173 167 6 days less
Mortality, % 5.37 6.89  
Cost per lb of gain $0.3658 $0.3745  
Cost per pig feeding

NEWtraStart Feed
$0.00 $2.21  
Total profit per pig feeding

NEWtraStart Feed**
  +1.9546 +1.9546 per pig

aRepresents 1,306 pigs. 

bRepresents 1,323 pigs.

cInfant Pig Starter and the first four grind & mix diets contained Denagard while the last six grind & mix diets contained NO antibiotics.

*NEWtraStart Feed was added at 5 pounds per ton from about 13 lb until market (250 pounds) in all Grind & Mix diets.

**Total Profit per pig feeding NEWtraStart Feed = Cost per pig Feeding NEWtraStart Feed – (Six Days Less on Feed + Six Days Less in the Barn)

How does NEWtraStart Feed improve pig performance?

NEWtraStart Feed improves pig performance by enhancing palatability and gut wellness.

  • The essential oils component of NEWtraStart Feed acts as an appetizer to stimulate feed intake and improve nutrient digestion and retention.
  • The flavonoid component of NEWtraStart Feed has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties resulting in reduced cell death in the intestinal tract. This leads to better absorption of nutrients and protection at the gut level against bacterial or viral pathogens.

The mucilage component of NEWtraStart Feed improves intestinal health by:

  • Enhancing the mucus layer on the gut lining (first barrier to pathogens at the gut level). The mucus layer is responsible for trapping bacteria, viruses, and toxins before they reach absorption cells lining the gut. If these cells are not protected, pathogens (viral or bacterial) invade the cells lining the gut and destroy them, leading to reduced absorption of nutrients and barrier function, resulting in diarrhea > morbidity the worse case-death.
  • Acting as a “prebiotic” or a food source for beneficial bacteria in the gut thus increasing the populations of “good” bacteria while reducing the populations of “bad” bacteria.

How does feeding NEWtraStart Feed impact the economic return? 

Let’s review the benefits observed in this study:

1) Benefit—Six Days Less on Feed

  • 7 pounds of feed per pig x 6 days = 42 pounds less feed per pig for 6 days
  • Cost of Finishing Diet = $167 per ton or $0.0835 per pound
  • 42 pounds feed per pig (for 6 days) x $0.0835 per pound = $3.507 per pig
  • Reduction in Feed Cost for Pigs Finishing 6 days Earlier = $ 3.507 per pig (1000 hd barn; reduction in feed cost = $3,507)
  • Based on April 2009 feed prices

2) Benefit—Six Days Less in the Barn

  • $40 per pig space (wean-to-finish barn) / 365 days = $0.1096 per head per day
  • $0.1096 per head per day x 6 days = $0.6576 savings per pig for 6 days
  • Reduction in Pig Space Cost for Pigs Exiting 6 days Earlier = $ 0.6576 per pig (1000 hd barn; reduction in pig space cost = $657.60)
  • Based on April, 2009 pig space prices

3) Total Benefit—Cost per Pig of Feeding NEWtraStart™ Feed - Six Days Less on Feed & in the Barn

  • Cost per Pig (Gain of 238.37 lb) of Feeding NEWtraStart Feed versus Control Diet: $2.21 per Pig
  • Reduction in Feed Cost & Barn Cost for Reaching Market Weight 6 Days Quicker
  • $3.507 Reduction in Feed Cost
  • $0.6576 Reduction in Pig Space Cost
  • Equals $4.1646 Total Savings from Feeding NEWtraStart Feed
  • Equals $1.9546 total profit per pig from feeding NEWtraStart Feed (1000 hd barn; profit = $1,954.60)

NEWtraStart Feed has the potential to enhance wean-to-finish performance and improve economic return.

For further information, please see your local feed sales representative at a Land O’Lakes Feed Co-op or Purina Mills Dealer.Visit us online at www.LOLFeed.com, www.PurinaMills.com, www.PurinaPigStarters.com, www.gelresearch.com.

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