LongviewAnimalNutritionCenter developed an award-winning gel feed, marketed as two separate products, UltraCare Gel and PuriGel. It is an innovative, flexible and convenient gel providing pigs essential nutrients and hydration for faster starts. Gel is typically fed for 2-4 days post-weaning at 0.2 - 1 pound/head/day on mats, feeders or bowls but it has been realized that through commercial use and research gel can be fed many different ways and for many different reasons. Here are just a few:

How to feed:

  • Mat
  • Bowl
  • Feed Trough
  • Mixed with Dry Pellets
  • Solid Flooring
  • Creep Feeder

Young Pigs:

  • At risk; runt; disadvantaged piglets
  • Hospital/recovery/health/special-care piglets
  • Feed during interval when switching from milk replacer to dry feed
  • Feed in farrowing crate to help decrease weaning stress into nursery
  • Feed in nursery to ease transition to dry feed
  • Provide to the smallest 10% of weaned piglets, regardless of weight
  • Feed during transportation/hauling/long distance movement
  • For receiving transported piglets
  • Feed around vaccination time(s)
  • Use as a ‘treat’ for racing porkers


  • Off-feed (anytime; for whatever reason)
  • Hot weather (to encourage individual’s intake)
  • At farrowing time (to stimulate feed and water intake)
  • If/when an unpalatable laxative is needed/used (mix to improve intake)

Boar Studs:

  • Off-feed
  • Use as a treat/reward for a job well performed

Grow-Finish Pigs:

  • For Show Pigs…at shows, provide nutrition without unwanted fill
  • Show pigs off-feed
  • Sick/hospital pen

Learn more on www.GelResearch.com.

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