In an attempt to reduce costs, swine producers feeding newly weaned pigs frequently feed small amounts of complete pellets and transition them to grind and mix diets too soon.

A field study was conducted at a nursery in northwest Iowa to study the effects of feeding larger amounts of complete pellets to newly weaned pigs (Table 1).

Table 1.  Performance Response of Pigs Fed More Complete Pellets

  Group 1 Group 2
Start date 9/15/2008 11/20/2008
Feeding Program, lb/pig    
Infant Complete 1 1
Junior Complete 3 3
UltraCare® 350 Complete 0 10
Starter 1 (350-lb Pig Booster) G&M 14 0
Starter 2 (150-lb Pig Booster) G&M 16 20
Starter 3 (50-lb Pig Booster) G&M 28 28
Grower 1 15 23
Total Feed 77 85
No. pigs in 1618 1566
No. pigs out 1586 1533
Mortality % 1.98 2.11
Start wt, lb 12.80 13.30
Finish wt, lb 60.80 68.70
Days on feed 53.00 55.00
ADG, lb 0.91 1.01
F/G, lb/lb 1.61 1.54
Feed cost/pig, $ 11.74 13.03
Feed cost/lb gain, $ 0.2428 0.2342

Acknowledgement to Marcel Thoene

Pigs fed greater amounts of complete pelleted feed grew faster and more efficiently. Even though total feed cost was higher, cost/lb of gain was lower.

In another nursery in NW Iowa, the following results were obtained (Table 2):

Table 2. Performance Response of Pigs Fed More Complete Pellets

Start Date 12/26/2008
Feeding program, lb /pig  
Infant Complete 2.2
Junior Complete 6.5
Starter 1 G&M 15.0
Starter 2 G&M 15.0
Starter 3 G&M 67.3
No. pigs in 3150
No. pigs out 3140
Mortality, % 0.32
Start wt, lb 12.10
Finish wt, lb 69.10
Days on feed 47.00
ADG/lb 1.21
F/G lb/lb 1.86

Acknowledgement to Tim Cantrell

Grind & mix diets were made with corn, soybean meal, EcoSelect premix, Pig Booster 350, 60lb fat, and 5lb NEWtraStart™ Feed.  No medication.

Conclusion: Pigs fed larger amounts of complete pellets respond with greater gains and heavier weights out of the nursery.

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