Webinar for answers to PRRS, Dec. 21

On Dec. 21, a free webinar-- “PRRS: Strategies to keep it at bay”—will feature Dr. Scott Dee, world-renown expert on PRRS transmission, biosecurity and aerobiology. FULL STORY »

Feed processing strategies can improve margins

Feed processing is an important on-farm management strategy to lower costs and improve feed efficiency. Producers can achieve improved feed efficiency of pigs by decreasing feed particle size and by pelleting feeds. FULL STORY »

Save on winter heating costs

With energy costs rising rapidly, time spent identifying where you can increase barn heating efficiency can pay off in reduced energy costs this winter. FULL STORY »

Watch for mycotoxins

As corn harvest winds down, farmers need to watch for potential molds and fungus in corn. Fields that were hit with late-summer hail could pose a particular risk. Also drought-stressed corn is susceptible to aflatoxin. FULL STORY »

Heat warning: Check on pigs and people

Even though most pork producers run operations where hogs are housed in buildings to protect them from the blazing sun, the excessive temperatures and humid conditions that have settled into the U.S. mid-section can still take a toll on pigs and people. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: SEW prices and pig supply

This week I was with 2 different clients who were in the weaned pig market. Both were looking to sell excess pigs from sow units in which they are invested. Both reported the best bid they could get from several brokers was $32/pig. Several reasons were given from the sharp drop in the spot price for weaned pigs in the past 2 months. FULL STORY »

Give Weaned Pigs a Head Start

As young pigs transition from sow to the nursery, they are at a vulnerable stage, and a healthy head start can prevent problems down the road. Providing a robust start for your weaned pigs can greatly increase the chances of maintaining improved growth rates throughout their growth cycle. FULL STORY »

Mystery Syndrome Targets Weaned Pigs

Getting weaned pigs on feed and growing efficiently is a top priority. But obstacles such as disease, inexperienced crews, the animal’s feed acceptance, facilities and feeders often present challenges in this critical growth stage. FULL STORY »

New soybean meal replaces fish meal in weanling pig diets

Two new sources of soybean meal are capturing attention throughout the country. University of Illinois research indicates that fermented soybean meal and enzyme-treated soybean meal may replace fish meal in weanling pig diets. FULL STORY »

Weaned Pigs


Eastern Cornbelt Direct Feeder Pig Weekly Summary

GX_LS255 Springfield, IL    Fri Jan 21, 2011    USDA-Illinois Dept Ag Market News Eastern Cornbelt Direct Feeder Pig Weekly Summary: Week ending Jan 21 Summary  FULL STORY »

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