Swine Influenza Virus Includes Avian Influenza Genes

Agricultural Research Service researchers have identified a new strain of swine influenza that belongs to the group of H2 influenza viruses that last infected humans during the 1957 pandemic. FULL STORY »

ARS: New swine flu has avian flu genes

Researchers have identified a new strain of swine influenza -- H2N3 -- and it's composed of avian and swine influenza genes. FULL STORY »

New Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Vaccine Licensed

A new Porcine Circovirus vaccine has received full USDA licensure. FULL STORY »

Closing herds to PRRS

Herd closure is one possible method to eliminate porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus from entering breeding herds. While preventing animal introductions may help eliminate PRRS exposure, a significant concern revolves around the prospect of decreased productivity. FULL STORY »

Unraveling PRRS Virus-Transmission Mysteries

Scientists have provided practical protocols to reduce the risk of PRRS virus spread by vehicles, insects, fomites and people. FULL STORY »

PRRS, PRRS and more PRRS

Mass vaccination, biosecurity, serum therapy, research updates, diagnostics and just about anything else relating to the pork industry’s most costly disease was discussed at this year’s AASV annual meeting in Toronto. FULL STORY »

SIV Presents Year-round Challenges (Herd Health)

Swine influenza virus is a costly, year-round disease, researchers and veterinarians have concluded. It’s true that incidence may spike in the fall and spring, but the virus still circulates and infects sows and pigs during the summer. FULL STORY »

SIV Focus On Surveys


Grant Boosts PRRS Initiative

The National PRRS Initiative received a $4.4 million boost this week from USDA’s National Research Initiative. FULL STORY »

SIV Proceedings Available (Resource)

A 28-page booklet titled "Keeping Pace with SIV- New Strategies in Diagnostics and Management," is now available. The booklet contains proceedings from the four-hour symposium on swine influenza virus from the 2000 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference. FULL STORY »

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