Call Issued for PRRS Research Proposals

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica is seeking PRRS research study proposals. FULL STORY »

PRRS Symposium Set for Dec. 4, 5

Pork producers interested in PRRS virus research are invited to attend. FULL STORY »

USDA Update on H1N1 Influenza

Experts believe pigs can act as a "mixing vessel" for the reassortment of avian, swine and human influenza viruses, and might play a role in the emergence of novel influenza viruses. USDA's report reviews current status and future efforts. FULL STORY »

Influenza Alert Level Raised

The World Health Organization raised its influenza alert level Wednesday signaling that it believes a global outbreak of the disease is imminent. FULL STORY »

Swine Flu Causes Deaths in Mexico; Raises Concerns in U.S.

A quickly developing swine influenza outbreak has health officials in the United States and Mexico searching for answers. FULL STORY »

U.S. Declares National Health Emergency

The United States declared a national health emergency Sunday amid confusion about the severity of an outbreak of swine flu and the number of those affected. FULL STORY »

Swine Flu questions answered

USDA has provided the following questions and answers on Swine Influenza A (H1N1),commonly known as "swine flu." FULL STORY »

National Pork Board Comments Further on Swine Influenza

Amid public concern about the reports of swine influenza in humans, the National Pork Board wishes to reassure the public that pork is safe and will continue to be safe to consume. FULL STORY »

What You Need to Know About Porcine Respiratory Disease

From my recent visits to intensive pig farms and conversations with other veterinarians, there appears to be a sharp increase in the number of porcine respiratory disease incidents over the past few months FULL STORY »

Updated SIV Vaccine Available

Pork producers now have an updated vaccine for protecting their herds from swine influenza virus. The vaccine, FluSure XP, helps build protection against current prevalent strains of SIV. FULL STORY »

International PRRS Symposium Set

Chicago will host the 2008 International PRRS Symposium Dec. 5-6, 2008. FULL STORY »

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