Overall Health

Pig health still a big reason for veterinary calls

This information was obtained from a “Skills and Tools for Practitioners” seminar during the 2004 American Association of Swine Veterinarians Annual Meeting. FULL STORY »

Grant Boosts PRRS Initiative

The National PRRS Initiative received a $4.4 million boost this week from USDA’s National Research Initiative. FULL STORY »

Swine Health Conference Set for Dec. 5 (Seminar)

Diseases impacting swine herds today is the focus of the 2001 Illinois Swine Health and Management conference which will feature a host of top industry speakers. FULL STORY »

Borrowing ideas from swine and poultry

In addition to many dairy clients, I work with two swine operations in Georgia. Both herds practice biosecurity and do a good job controlling the movement of animals. They minimize the purchase of outside stock, and any pigs brought in go through specific testing and isolation. FULL STORY »

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