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Influenza: A New Chapter

Influenza concerns never really go away, rather they ebb and flow — and that doesn’t just apply to seasonality. Monitoring influenza in humans and animals is a full-time commitment. FULL STORY »

PRRS research, the cornerstone to solutions

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) has nagged at the pork industry for more than 20 years. Providing a snapshot of some of the research completed on PRRS, the National Pork Board has a new 40-page PRRS Initiative Research 2004-2011 report. FULL STORY »

Influenza viruses get new designation

Swine-origin influenza viruses identified in humans will now be referred to as “variant” viruses and denoted with a “v,” according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. FULL STORY »

Influenza (H3N2)v virus update

The CDC releases a report with updated information on new nomenclature for influenza A (H3N2) viruses in swine and case reports of human illness. FULL STORY »

Composting helps swine farm improve biosecurity

Process has changed management style and lowered biosecurity risks at the farm while providing a sustainable way of managing mortalities. FULL STORY »

Webinar for answers to PRRS, Dec. 21

On Dec. 21, a free webinar-- “PRRS: Strategies to keep it at bay”—will feature Dr. Scott Dee, world-renown expert on PRRS transmission, biosecurity and aerobiology. FULL STORY »

The Changing Face of Swine Influenza Virus

Flu in pigs has been known for 90 years, and on the surface, it may appear as though little has changed. We still suspect flu when a high percentage of pigs have a sudden onset of barking cough, especially during temperature fluctuations in the fall or spring. FULL STORY »

Agricultural Workers Sought for National Influenza Study

On-farm agricultural workers who work with swine, turkeys, geese or ducks may be eligible for a University of Florida study on influenza virus issues. FULL STORY »

H1N1 Influenza Updates


Stabilizing Novel H1N1 Influenza

"The job of the media is to get it right...it’s H1N1,” USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack stated emphatically again last month at yet another news conference on the Novel H1N1 2009 influenza virus. FULL STORY »

Pigs and Pandemic Influenza: Myth vs. Facts

Presentation casts doubt on the theory of the pig as a mixing vessel for influenza viruses. FULL STORY »

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