Los Angeles jumps on Meatless Monday bandwagon

The Los Angeles city council is now urging residents to do more than just eat a healthy diet. In a unanimous vote last week, the council adopted a resolution to support Meatless Mondays. FULL STORY »

September beef exports fall, pork remains steady

U.S. pork exports in September were steady with last year’s volume, while beef exports were well below a year ago. Despite sluggish volumes, however, the value of both pork and beef exports through the third quarter of 2012 remains ahead of last year’s record-setting pace. FULL STORY »

USMEF looks for steady exports in 2013

While global economic uncertainty can change predictions at any moment, the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) looks for 2013 to be fairly steady in terms of pork and beef exports. The export trade group wrapped up its strategic planning meeting in Indianapolis. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Bad news, good news

Some health issues we have to live with; others we can control, and a new study on heart health suggests that one protective tactic is as simple as getting up off your butt. FULL STORY »

NCPC provides food for support Sandy victims

The board of directors of the North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) has donated $10,000 to support a direct feeding effort being made for Hurricane Sandy victims. FULL STORY »

N.D. ballot measure affirms right to modern farming methods

The amendment, approved by North Dakota voters, guarantees farmers the right to "modern” agriculture and bars laws limiting their right to “employ agricultural technology, modern livestock production, and ranching practices." FULL STORY »

Higher feed costs to drive up meat prices in 2013

A surge in the cost of feed grain after the worst U.S. drought in more than half a century has stripped many livestock farmers of profit and set off a chain of events that threatens to drive up world meat prices in 2013. FULL STORY »

Metz Culinary Management sets a 2017 gestation-stall-free target

Metz Culinary Management, a provider of dining management services, primarily in the Northeastern United States, says it will work with its pork suppliers to eliminate gestation-sow stalls by 2017. FULL STORY »

Blame the drought for this year’s expensive Thanksgiving dinner

This year’s Thanksgiving dinner for 10 is estimated to increase by less than 1 percent. The summer's widespread drought is expected to add another 28 cents to the bill. FULL STORY »

Confidence high that ag can increase productivity

A majority of consumers and growers agree that modern agriculture can achieve two critical goals simultaneously: Feed the world’s growing population while demonstrating responsible stewardship. FULL STORY »

Prop 37: California rejects proposal to label GMO foods

Despite some high-profile support from food celebrities and food writers, Californians defeated Proposition 37, which would have required foods containing GMOs to be labeled as such. FULL STORY »

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