Ohio State University Swine Extension will be conducting an Adult PQA Plus training program on March 31, 2011 through a distance education approach. Dale Ricker will be conducting an internet/phone-based PQA Plus training program from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. If you would like to attend the meeting in Ottawa or host a location please contact Dale Ricker at 419-523-6294 or email ricker.37@osu.edu.

Pork Quality Assurance Plus is designed to help meet the needs of pork industry customers including restaurants, food retailers, and consumers. Pork producers receive training and certification to assure that high priorities are placed on product quality, food safety, and animal well being.

Please fill out the registration form found here and send it with a registration fee of $10 made payable to OSU Extension and mail to: OSU Putnam County Extension, 124 Putnam Parkway, P.O Box 189, Ottawa, Ohio 45875. Registration Deadline: March 24, 2011.

All registrants will receive access to the online presentation via internet and the conference call number prior to the training.
PQA Plus