Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health is introducing Circumvent PCV M, a ready-to-use combination vaccine that provides pork producers with protection for both circovirus and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

Circumvent PCV M combines the proven performance of Circumvent® PCV and MycoSilencer® ONCE in a convenient combination.

"If left untreated, circovirus and mycoplasma are two of the most costly diseases to the swine industry," says Karen Lehe, DVM, ISPAH technical services manager. "Vaccination against both diseases can mitigate the negative results of infection. Circumvent PCV M provides protection pork producers have come to expect from Circumvent PCV and MycoSilencer ONCE in a convenient combination."

The combination vaccine should be administered with a 2-mL dose intramuscularly at three weeks of age and another 2-mL dose at six weeks of age. Circumvent PCV M contains the same circovirus and mycoplasma antigens and the same adjuvant as found in Circumvent PCV and MycoSilencer ONCE.

The two-dose vaccine controls the clinical signs of circovirus and prevents the viremia that leads to chronic circovirus infection. In licensing studies, significantly fewer pigs from the Circumvent PCV M vaccinated group developed viremia than pigs from the placebo control group1. Preventing viremia reduces the risk of pigs becoming chronically infected, which can lead to late disease breaks as pigs approach market age.
Licensing studies also showed that pigs vaccinated with Circumvent PCV M had significantly fewer lung lesions typical of mycoplasma than did pigs in the placebo control group1. Effective, long-lasting, two-dose mycoplasma protection, combined with the control of circovirus viremia, allows for maximum performance and less variation in the finishing-pig stage.

In addition, studies showed that the Circumvent PCV M vaccinated group had a significant reduction in nasal and fecal shedding and in shedding duration versus the placebo control group1.

Circumvent PCV M requires no mixing, so there is no risk of contamination or additional labor associated with mixing and no requirement to use within four hours. The combination comes ready-to-use in one bottle, reducing waste and refrigerator storage space. Circumvent PCV M provides veterinarians and producers with a new health management tool for circovirus and mycoplasma with a unique combination of efficacy, convenience and peace of mind.

"Circumvent PCV M boosts pork producers' bottom line by reducing the risk of late breaks and improving performance and uniformity in finishing," says Lehe. "This combo truly means peace of mind and labor savings for producers."

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