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Looking for feed efficiency answers

Pork producers are always looking for ways to improve feed use, but never more so than today, with high feed costs and tight supplies. Now, thanks to a $5-million grant from USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, an international team of scientists will tackle the challenge of improving feed efficiency in swine. FULL STORY »

Alltech rolls out new KnowMycotoxins.com

Alltech’s KnowMycotoxins.com now offers a fresh take on conquering the challenge of mycotoxins. The website features a new home page and refreshed content reflecting the interests of its key audience. FULL STORY »

Cargill sends swine nutrition software to Iowa State

Cargill's Animal Nutrition unit is licensing its Pork MAX® nutritional software to Iowa States University for use in its applied swine nutrition program, which includes research, teaching and Extension. FULL STORY »

Conduct your own on-farm feed trial

With feed prices at or near record highs expected for most of 2011, even a small improvement in feed efficiency can make the difference in profit or loss. While information from feed manufacturers or universities is helpful, the variable factors in trials conducted by others may make it difficult to know if you can achieve similar results within your operation. FULL STORY »

Nutrient Disruption: A Performance and Animal-welfare Issue

Nutrient disruption is a bigger issue in swine units today than many producers imagine. FULL STORY »

Does the Feed in the Feeder Match Diet Goals?

With hog prices and the economics of producing pork having improved considerably over the past several months, there has been a universal sigh of relief. FULL STORY »

More Advice for Protecting Swine Herds

“Influenza is strictly a disease of the respiratory system, and these viruses are not known to infect meat,” said Beth Young, University of Missouri Extension veterinarian and swine disease expert. FULL STORY »

Feed Them Right and They will Grow

In an attempt to reduce costs, swine producers feeding newly weaned pigs frequently feed small amounts of complete pellets and transition them to grind and mix diets too soon. FULL STORY »

Check up on Your Feeding Programs (Nutrition)

A key component of improving swine feeding is to improve the accuracy of determining and meeting nutrient requirements. Pigs’ nutrient requirements depend on many factors. That’s why one set of diets to meet all pigs’ needs is absurd. FULL STORY »

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