Brumm Speaks Out: Are new feeders too expensive?

Last week was a busy week for me. I started the week walking producer barns in central Iowa with a client. Feeder issues were a dominant topic at many of the sites. FULL STORY »

High ingredient costs require careful feed management

With rapidly rising feed ingredient costs, U.S. pork producers are seeking strategies and creative solutions for managing feed costs to protect dwindling margins while maintaining efficient pig growth. FULL STORY »

Cargill sends swine nutrition software to Iowa State

Cargill's Animal Nutrition unit is licensing its Pork MAX® nutritional software to Iowa States University for use in its applied swine nutrition program, which includes research, teaching and Extension. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Resources abound for pork producers

With feed prices nearing all-time highs, government regulations on the rise and production challenges increasing, pork producers’ margins are being squeezed like never before. At such a challenging time, most producers will appreciate sound advice and good recommendations to increase their chances for success. FULL STORY »

Excessive DDGS levels can rob benefit

By Rick Jordahl
With feed prices hitting record highs, maximizing swine dietary inclusion rates of distillers’ dried grains with solubles can help manage feed costs and preserve margins. FULL STORY »

The Real Feeder Costs

During recent discussions involving production systems and contract growers, the focus was on how to improve feed conversion in growers’ facilities. For owners, ingredients, particle size, diet sequencing, antibiotics inclusion, Paylean use and such are all important. FULL STORY »

Sorghum DDGS presents alternative feed potential

As corn prices near record highs, pork producers are seeking alternative ingredients to reduce feed costs and help preserve hog production margins. While corn-based distillers’ dried grains with solubles is a widely used feed ingredient, some producers are also incorporating sorghum-based DDGS. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Improving efficiencies with high feed ingredient prices

In the next few weeks I will be speaking at quite a few producer and contract grower meetings in the upper Midwest. At each meeting, I’ve been asked to talk about something related to production efficiencies and high feed costs. FULL STORY »

Podcast: Swine diet ingredients and pork quality

Every hog in your care produces a product that ends up on someone’s table. That makes you a food producer and a steward of product quality. Many things during the hog rearing and pork production process can influence product’s ultimate quality. FULL STORY »

Research sheds light on fat digestibility in pigs

Producers and feed companies add fat to swine diets to increase energy, but recent research from the University of Illinois suggests that measurements currently used for fat digestibility need to be updated. FULL STORY »

Corn prices heading to record highs amid “incredibly tight” supplies

Corn prices are heading toward record highs with U.S. supplies expected to be “incredibly tight” this year and exports and ethanol production on pace to exceed government forecasts, Rabobank Group analysts said. FULL STORY »

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