The supply of corn keeps getting smaller

675 million bushels of corn may seem like a lot, but that is only an 18 day supply for the US grain market, and that is the reason corn prices pushed above $7 Wednesday on the CME. March corn did not close above that level, but settled at $6.98 per bushel following USDA’s February Supply and Demand report that indicated the ethanol industry was refining corn faster than previously thought. FULL STORY »

IPPA requests feedstock contingency plan

What if there is trouble with the 2011 growing season which results in a shortage of feedstocks? Or, what if there is a sudden increase in exports of a crucial feedstock such as corn, soybeans or wheat? FULL STORY »

NCGA leaders examine U.S. corn, DDGS markets in China

The potential for China to become a regular importer of U.S. corn, as well as market opportunities for U.S. distillers’ dried grains with solubles in China, were key segments of a trade mission National Corn Growers Association leadership participated in last week with the U.S. Grains Council. FULL STORY »

Conduct your own on-farm feed trial

With feed prices at or near record highs expected for most of 2011, even a small improvement in feed efficiency can make the difference in profit or loss. While information from feed manufacturers or universities is helpful, the variable factors in trials conducted by others may make it difficult to know if you can achieve similar results within your operation. FULL STORY »

NPPC asks for release of CRP acres

Citing the growing possibility of feed-grain shortages that could jeopardize animal care, the National Pork Producers Council has urged the Secretary of Agriculture to release early and without penalty non-environmentally sensitive farm acres currently enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program so that they may be put into crop production. FULL STORY »

Reduce particle size, cut feed costs

Feed particle size influences the pig’s ability to effectively utilize feed nutrients. New research shows that particle size reductions beyond current common practice may help lower feed costs. FULL STORY »



Hog Outlook: Strong December Pork Demand, Prices End Higher

As usually happens, retail pork prices dropped in December. The average grocery store price of pork last month was $3.188 per pound, down 13.2 cents from November, but still 36.8 cents higher than 12 months earlier.

Glycerin Confirmed As Feasible Feedstuff For Swine

An increased interest in biofuel production and a growing need to find cost-effective livestock feedstuff alternatives has led University of Illinois researchers to further evaluate the use of glycerin in swine diets.

Hog Outlook: Pork Exports Jump, Prices End Higher

U.S. pork exports during November were up 19.7% from the month before and up 6.7% compared to November 2009. The big growth markets were China, Mexico and Japan, each buying at least 10 million pounds more U.S. pork than 12 months earlier. Pork exports equaled 19.6% of November production. Pork imports were up 0.4% in November.

Hog Outlook: Bright Outlook For 2011, Meat Supply Declines

The livestock price outlook for 2011 is bright. The per capita supply of red meat and poultry is expected to be lower for the fifth consecutive year; down 2.6 pounds from last year and the smallest since 1997. The forecast is for only 46.7 pounds of retail pork per person, the smallest supply since 1978. FULL STORY »

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