EPA Regulations

KLA: Workshops Help Feedlots Comply With Environmental Regulations

KLA hosted two environmental workshops last week for confined animal feeding operators. The workshops were led by KLA Environmental Services agronomist Mandy Fox . FULL STORY »

Cap And Trade: Controversy With Potential Revenue

For all practical purposes, every Cornbelt farmer is in the middle of the great debate about energy. If you are growing corn and/or soybeans, your commodities are priced depending on ethanol and biodiesel demand. FULL STORY »

Hops Help Reduce Ammonia Produced By Cows

An Agricultural Research Service (ARS ) scientist may have found a way to cut the amount of ammonia produced by cattle. To do it, he's using a key ingredient of the brewer's art: hops.

NDSU Schedules Conference To Assess Impact Of Climate Change Policies

A conference, "Alternative Policies on Climate Changes and Their Implications on the U.S. Agricultural Economy" is set for May 24 at the Ramada Plaza and Suites in Fargo. FULL STORY »

NRCS Provides Technical Support For Award Winning Environmental Research Team

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality recently honored the “Air Quality: Reducing Emissions from Cattle Feedlots and Dairies” research team with the state’s highest environmental honors for the 2010 Texas Environmental Excellence Award.

Climate Talks Could Pick Up From Failed Summit

Climate change negotiators convening this weekend are hoping to renew momentum on a new global warming treaty after setbacks at the Copenhagen summit four months ago — but the talks could easily turn into a round of recriminations.

NCBA Challenges EPA’s Interpretation Of Greenhouse Gas Permitting Rules

Under EPA’s decision, facilities would be required to get PSD permits for GHG emissions starting in January 2011 when the first national rule controlling GHGs (from cars) takes effect, and would be required to do so without EPA undertaking the deliberate rulemaking process required by the Clean Air Act (CAA). FULL STORY »

Carbon Credits Provide Opportunities For Farmers, Landowners

As the United States looks to become more green, a program to trade carbon credits from farmland could play a role. FULL STORY »

Koch Industries Responds To Greenpeace Accusations

The Wichita Business Journal writes Koch Industries is taking a stand against a report by Greenpeace portraying Koch as a company funding research to debunk climate change.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study Under Way By AgriLife Research

Gas chromatograph helps gather accurate data

KLA: New Climate Change Bill Expected Soon

Three U.S. senators are close to finalizing details on compromise climate change legislation, according to the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). Sources in Washington , D.C. , expect the bill to be introduced in the Senate sometime soon. FULL STORY »

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