The Humane Society of the United States claims that the animal rights organization has 11 million members and constituents with more than a million donors, according to watchdog group,

“We’ve long questioned the Humane Society of the United States’s claim that it has the support of 11 million people,” according to HumaneWatch, “HSUS’s actual membership numbers are far fewer.”

“HSUS doesn’t have 11 million members,” says the watchdog group. And it doesn’t even have 11 million constituents—legitimate ones, at least.” Of course, it’s easier to raise money when people think you’re a mainstream organization—like a humane-society umbrella group,” says HumaneWatch.

In the latest release of the “Visual HSUS” series, the Watchdog group provides what an honest HSUS fundraising letter would look like if HSUS president Wayne Pacelle was open about HSUS’s agenda. What would the letter say if it were written by the HumaneWatch? Read the parody letter here.