First, Nebraska’s governor sent a warning out to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) that anti-agriculture actions the group implemented in other states would not be welcome in Cornhusker territory. Now, the Holdrege, Neb., Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has voted to oppose any possible future activities of HSUS that would be detrimental to the state’s agricultural economy, especially animal agriculture.

According to Michele Ehresman, the Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, the board felt it needed to take action because HSUS’ activities in other states (such as Florida, California, Arizona and others) have harmed their agricultural economies. The chamber does not want to see the same potentially detrimental effect occur in Nebraska, she says.

The Holdrege Chamber’s board hopes that its action will raise public awareness, not just in south central Nebraska but throughout the entire state, that efforts by HSUS and other activists not only threaten Nebraska’s livestock producers, but also “our crop producers,” Ehresman notes. Agriculture is Nebraska’s No. 1 industry.

The chamber’s board feels that livestock producers are already being held accountable for how they raise livestock through state and federal regulations, Ehresman says. There also are self-directed industry programs, such as Pork Quality Assurance Plus that has animal well-being standards implemented through a certification program. There’s also the pork industry’s “We Care” program that not only addresses animal handling and care issues, but environmental, worker and community responsibility commitments.

“It is the board’s position to strongly oppose HSUS or any organization or group that could have a hidden agenda that would severely impact the ability of our agricultural producers to raise livestock in this state,” she adds.

Source: Phelps County News