D.C. Watch: SNAP divides House, Senate versions of farm bill

Congress finally passed a bill that reopened the government, at least temporarily, and raised the debt ceiling enough to allow the government to pay its bills for a few months. FULL STORY »

Federal shutdown forces Cargill, Smithfield to change hog pricing

U.S. meat packers Smithfield Foods Inc. and Cargill Inc. said they will change the methods they use to determine what price to pay for hogs on Monday because of the partial U.S. government shutdown. FULL STORY »

Shutdown is sand in the gears for key USDA crop report

The U.S. government shutdown has thwarted the formulation of the monthly USDA crop production report, sidelining the Department of Agriculture's corps of enumerators and almost certainly delaying the report due for release on Oct. 11. FULL STORY »

Pork Checkoff sponsors Safe Pork 2013

Researchers are meeting in Portland, Maine this week to focus on strategies to keep pork safe. The biennial conference attracts an international audience to discuss pork safety from farm to processor. FULL STORY »

Researcher develops innovative vaccine for PRRS

An Ohio State University researcher has created a unique vaccine to protect swine from porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), a viral disease that causes direct losses to U.S. swine producers to the tune of $664 million a year. FULL STORY »

Fla. court orders state to pay former pork producer

A Florida appeals court sided with a former pork producer last week, and now the state has to pay up. FULL STORY »

Did Carrie Underwood sway Tenn. ‘ag gag’ veto?

Country music star Carrie Underwood made news when she tweeted against a so-called ‘ag gag’ bill in Tennessee, but did her influence go beyond Twitter? FULL STORY »

Actor Ryan Gosling ventures into activist territory

First it was dairy dehorning, and now it is gestation crates. Actor-turned-activist Ryan Gosling recently asked Canada’s National Farm Animal Care Council to close a “dangerous” loophole to prohibit the pork industry from using gestation crates. FULL STORY »

Farm bill: Now what?

What just happened on the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives? For many, including some Members, the unthinkable happened when only 171 Republicans and 24 Democrats voted to support the House version of the Farm Bill. FULL STORY »

House rejects farm bill

Bipartisan opposition of the farm bill led to its defeat in the House on Thursday. FULL STORY »

Are drones protected by the First Amendment?

As more states move to limit private drone use, legal experts question whether this move could infringe on First Amendment rights. FULL STORY »

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