USMEF: U.S. 2012 pork exports to eclipse $6 billion

U.S. pork exports to Japan have rebounded nicely and could exceed $2 billion for the first time in a single year, according to the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). The performance of U.S. pork exports also has been very strong in Mexico, Central America and South America. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Carcass weight basis vs. live weight basis

This morning I’m working on my presentation for this Thursday at the Minnesota Pork Congress. The topic they asked to me to present is “Benchmarking Data”. FULL STORY »

U.S. pork exports reach 27 percent of production

U.S. pork export totals for November 2012 declined 7.7 percent in volume from 2011, according to the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). However, year-to-date totals through 11 months top the previous year's totals by 2 percent in volume to 2,075,974 metric tons and by 5 percent in value to $5.8 billion. FULL STORY »

Pork producer losses grow

Farrow-to-finish producers lost an average $40.38 per head for the week ending Dec. 28 compared to losses of $33.81 recorded the week before, according to calculations by Sterling Marketing, Vale, Ore. FULL STORY »

Risk to increase for producers in 2013

December’s USDA Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report released last Friday indicates higher risk levels await U.S. producers in 2013. Expected reductions in the U.S. swine herd due to record high 2012 feed prices have not materialized, according to industry analysts following release of the report. FULL STORY »

Pork producer losses ease

Although still mired in red ink, pork producer losses eased for the week ending Dec. 21, according to calculations by Sterling Marketing, Vale, Ore. Farrow-to-finish producers lost an average $33.81 per head for the week. FULL STORY »

Red meat production up 1 percent from last year

Pork production totaled 2.08 billion pounds, down slightly from the previous year. Hog slaughter totaled 10.11 million head, up 1 percent from November 2011. The average live weight was down 2 pounds from the previous year, at 276 pounds. FULL STORY »

Russia restricts U.S. pork, beef imports

Meat imports to Russia from producers using ractopamine must be tested and certified free of the feed additive, the country's veterinary regulator said, denying the requirement is a political retaliation. FULL STORY »

Pork producer margins record sharp decline

Pork producer margins declined sharply last week, plummeting over $16 from a week earlier, according to Sterling Marketing, Vale, Ore. Producer margins have been under severe pressure from the effects of high corn prices ushered in by the summer’s drought. FULL STORY »

How many acres of corn are needed in 2013?

The corn market will continue to be influenced by an array of factors over the next several months. One of the important price factors in the new year will be the prospective size of the 2013 U.S. crop. FULL STORY »

Vitamin D essential in promoting sow health and piglet growth

The changing of seasons may result in seasonal Vitamin D deficiency in sows. Research shows that supplementation of the “sunshine vitamin” becomes especially important in sow performance as the hours of natural sunlight dwindle into winter. FULL STORY »

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