Managing animal mortalities symposium set for May 21-24

The symposium will feature four days of plenary and poster sessions to share information on carcass disposal technology, planning, and policy. FULL STORY »

“Fierce” acreage war ahead for growers

An Australian-born ag economist told American Farm Bureau conference attendees that he anticipates “another fierce acreage-bidding war” this season. FULL STORY »

New technology filters air emissions, reduces energy use

Researchers from North Carolina State University and West Virginia University have developed a new technology that can reduce air emissions from swine barns while reducing energy use by recovering and possibly generating heat. FULL STORY »

Seaboard Foods’ Kansas hog site approved

Seaboard Foods received the “go-ahead” on its plans to build a swine complex that could house up to 144,000 hogs in west-central Kansas. According to reports Seaboard could build up to 120 barns, at 1,000 hogs a barn, an investment estimated at $30 million. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Will 2013 be a good year?

Winter has been late in arriving in Minnesota. How late – yesterday I saw a producer installing plastic drainage tile lines at the Iowa-Minnesota border. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: More swine buildings coming

The spot market for weaned pigs has been at $60/pig for the past 2 weeks, a price pig sellers haven’t seen since last February and early March. FULL STORY »

Upgrade farm security

Every farm, large and small, should consider strategies aimed at reducing farmstead vulnerability to property crime. Here are some ways to improve farm security. FULL STORY »

Composting helps swine farm improve biosecurity

Composting animal mortalities eliminated potential sources of disease outbreaks from Iowa State University swine farms: rendering and fuel trucks. FULL STORY »

Commentary: New regulations threaten ag

True to form for a federal government overreaching in its attempt to control more and more aspects of our lives, it is busy setting more regulations. This time, the Department of Labor has proposed a new barrage of regulations that involve youth under the age of 18. FULL STORY »

Save on winter heating costs

With energy costs rising rapidly, time spent identifying where you can increase barn heating efficiency can pay off in reduced energy costs this winter. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Winter ventilation mistakes

I spent much of this week with clients reviewing winter ventilation details and evaluating temperature logs from recorders placed in barns earlier this month. In every instance, I found mistakes in controller settings that cost producers a lot of money. FULL STORY »

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