Iowa Gov. signs 'ag protection' bill

Iowa becomes the nation’s first state to approve legislation intending to criminalize individuals who gain access to agricultural facilities under false pretenses. FULL STORY »

NPB commits $2 million to ‘pig adventure center’

The National Pork Board has decided to contribute $2 million to help fund the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure Center. The decision was made in NPB’s board meeting, held in conjunction with the National Pork Industry Forum in Denver. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Should you consider air filtration for PRRS?

In the past two weeks I’ve been involved in working with producers, veterinarians and allied industry on a number of filtered sow unit issues. In addition, I’ve spoken with a large number of people on the issue of filtered air for sow units and program planning for future conferences with filtration on the agenda. FULL STORY »

Iowa State University releases animal-ag research report

An annual report of research related to animal agriculture at Iowa State University is available online. FULL STORY »

Self-assessment air quality tool for livestock producers

Livestock producers can now make sure they are doing their best to minimize air emissions with a new self-assessment tool developed by a team of researchers and Extension specialists from across the U.S. FULL STORY »

Pork producers invited to attend Iowa ventilation workshops

Two workshops designed to help pork producers manage building ventilation equipment have been set for later this month in northern Iowa. FULL STORY »

Researchers seek answers to pit foaming

University of Minnesota researchers are diligently trying to understand the reasons behind the mystery of foaming manure pits. However, answers are proving to be elusive. FULL STORY »

Site selection for new and expanding livestock operations

Siting GAAMPs are an important component of the planning process when Michigan farmers are considering expanding, or building new, livestock facilities. FULL STORY »

Kansas bill lets counties approve livestock facilities

A bill that would give county commissioners the authority to approve or deny large-scale livestock production systems has passed the Kansas House of Representatives. While the legislation is not exclusive to pork production operations, they generated the main focus during the debate. FULL STORY »

Natural gas prices slump to 10-year low

Energy prices offer the clearest signal that the weather isn't behaving normally, as traders scour forecast screens for a hint of how much heat households and businesses will need in the coming days and weeks. FULL STORY »

U.S. natural gas plunges to 10-year lows

U.S. natural gas plunges to 10-year lows, as record production and mild weather extended seven straight sessions of losses that knocked nearly 20 percent off prices. FULL STORY »

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