Accurate portrayal of today's pig care Play video

An Indiana farmer showcases how he cares for the pigs raised on his family’s farm. This video, provided by U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, illustrates how technology and innovation have positively changed the ways pigs are born and raised on farms today. FULL STORY »

New app helps diagnose tree problems

The 2012 drought severely affected trees causing a multitude of problems. However, help is now available for diagnosing the issues affecting trees throughout the country in the form of a new iPhone app that can put knowledge about tree disorders in the palm of your hand. FULL STORY »

Swine barn explosion injures two

Two workers at an Ontario, Canada swine barn were seriously injured in an explosion on Sunday afternoon, according to Authorities said the two men were pumping manure from the barn when the explosion occurred. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Pit pumping ventilation

We’re far enough along with harvest that many producers have begun pumping manure pits. Yesterday I received a call regarding 30 pigs that died over the weekend during pumping and last night an email about rumors of increased pig deaths this year. FULL STORY »

Use caution when pumping manure from deep pits

Many pork producers are getting ready to pump deep pits and caution is required due to hazards that accompany the job. If foam is present, the hazards are multiplied. FULL STORY »

Jack in the Box eliminates gestation-sow stalls

San Diego-based Jack in the Box Inc., has joined the growing list of restaurants, grocery store chains and institutional food suppliers in eliminating gestation-sow stalls from the company’s supply chain. The company will expect compliance by its pork suppliers by the end of 2022. FULL STORY »

Group gestation will change selection and management dynamics

“Today’s sows are not your parents’ sows,” Tim Loula, DVM, St. Peter Veterinary Clinic, told attendees of a FeetFirst swine conference on Thursday presented by Zinpro. The most dramatic difference is that over the past 20 years, the sow herd has become tremendously more productive requiring different approaches to management, selection and animal care. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Right-sized facilities in a changing industry

With the extremely large numbers of slaughter pigs coming to market in the past three weeks there has been a lot of commentary written on where these numbers of pigs are coming from. FULL STORY »

Commentary: How about making some gravy?

When animal agriculture is faced with an inevitable change the public wants, why doesn't it take credit for it like any good politician would? FULL STORY »

Dry hydrants for on-farm use

Most farms do not have an on-site public water supply that can be used by firefighters. A dry hydrant may be an option in those situations. FULL STORY »

Prairie Swine Centre releases annual research report

The Prairie Swine Centre, located near Saskatoon, has just released the 2011 edition of the Annual Research Report which provides insight into a wide range of industry challenges and opportunities. FULL STORY »

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