Odor mitigation strategies improve neighbor relations Play video

Clean pigs and clean buildings with effective ventilation systems play a vital role in minimizing odors. Prevailing winds, tree buffers and biofilters should also be considered to help odor mitigation efforts on swine operations. FULL STORY »

New or expanding livestock operations must assess water needs

Producers who plan to start or expand a livestock operation need to think about water before moving forward. There are three main uses of water in a livestock operation: drinking water, cooling systems and washing of equipment and buildings. FULL STORY »

On-farm energy development gives growers a lot to think about

With 25 percent of the nation’s energy coming from on-farm sources by 2025, farmers and ranchers need to be engaged in the discussion regarding the many issues. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Mis-using the potential of tandem bins

At the two Passion for Pigs seminar locations in Iowa in December, Bob Baarsch from Herdstar.com did a presentation on the impact of out-of-feed events on herd health and performance. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: A preventable, unfortunate situation

Last week I had the unpleasant experience (once again) of talking with a contract grower who was faced with a bill for pig death loss due to a ventilation failure. It’s not a lot of fun talking through the sequence of events and having to tell them that the evidence points to negligence on their part and my opinion is that they should pay the bill. FULL STORY »

Avoid roof collapses from snow on agricultural buildings

It looks like 2012-13 could be a year for some areas of the Midwest to get hit by heavy snow and ice storms, which can leave large amounts of snow and ice on roofs of agricultural buildings. FULL STORY »

Land prices not in a bubble

Rick Huber, risk analyst for Farm Credit Services of America, in the most recent Doane Agricultural Report, provides his way of analyzing whether farmland prices are in a bubble. FULL STORY »

Preparing hog barns for winter months

Lower temperatures and snowfall in Michigan require producers to adjust the barn’s ventilation system and increase supplemental heating during the winter months. Pork producers can gain cost savings by winterizing curtain sided pig barns. FULL STORY »

Feeding technology reduces ammonia emissions from facilities

The combined impact of high feed costs and increased use of synthetic amino acids in swine grow/finish diets is reducing ammonia emissions from pig farms. FULL STORY »

Proper heat placement in farrowing facilities critical

Heat placement for young pigs is a critical component for getting animals started quickly and maintaining optimal health. In farrowing facilities, piglets must be kept from becoming chilled, which often leads to scours, more tail-enders, and less healthy, thriving piglets. FULL STORY »

Tactics for ensuring safety on the farm

Michael “Frey” Freyaldenhoven, extension AgrAbility program technician for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, offers tactics to promote safety for older farmers. FULL STORY »

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