While Texans are used to hot days, they’re likely to be anxious for winter this year. The state has had weeks and weeks of 100 F temperatures this summer, and numerous cities are on pace to shatter all-time records.

Already at 51 days of 100+ F, Wichita Falls has shattered its record of 42 days, according to the National Weather Service. Waco has tied its record at 42 days, and Dallas is at 40 days above the 100 F mark, with its record at 42 days. All of the previous records occurred in 1980.

“The last time the city (Wichita Falls)had a day below 100 F was June 21,” reports AccuWeather.com.

The long-term impact will run wide and deep. According to a CBS news report more than 600,000 head of cattle have been sold to move out of the state. Even more sales are underway and ranchers have stepped up culling rates this summer as well.

Beef supplies will tighten in the foreseeable future as it takes three years for a beef cow to produce a calf and get the animal to market weight.

USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report released today showed beef disappearance this year to be down 3.1 percent from 2010 levels, and projects another 3.1 percent drop for next year.  

Also taking a hit are various crops typically produced in the state, which are literally drying up. “It will impact food prices into next year,” CBS reported.

The next opportunity for Texas’ heat streak to come to an end looks to be Friday or Saturday. “It will be a close call,” says AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Brian Edwards.

A front that has stalled across Oklahoma will remain nearly stationary there through the end of the week. Late Friday into Saturday it could nudge far enough south to bring clouds and even showers and thunderstorms to northern Texas, he notes.

While rain chances look miniscule for Dallas, increased clouds could help limit heating during the day. Cool outflow from thunderstorms to the north could also keep the city from hitting 100 F either Friday or Saturday, AccuWeather.com predicts.

Shower and thunderstorm chances will be slightly higher for Wichita Falls over the next few days. Also clouds and cool outflow could break the 100 F streak. However, Waco has virtually no chance for rain this week.

Still, relief looks to be temporary. Edwards says more hot days lie ahead in September.

Source: AccuWeather.com