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FDA lists licensed mills, distributors for medicated feeds

The Animal Drug Availability Act of 1996 requires certain medicated feed mills to be licensed with FDA, and the agency recently published a list of licensed facilities and Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) distributors. FULL STORY »

Soil residual herbicide options after soybean emergence

With very tight windows of opportunity to plant this year, many are asking what options are available if soybeans emerged before a preemergence herbicide application was made. FULL STORY »

Plains storms cause minor harm to Oklahoma/Kansas wheat

Tornadoes, high winds, rain and hail that cut a swath across the midsection of the United States on Sunday and Monday did only minimal harm to the winter wheat crop in top producers Kansas and Oklahoma, agricultural experts said. FULL STORY »

Showers to slow U.S. corn seedings from blistering pace

Occasional rainfall over the next week to 10 days will slow seedings of the U.S. corn crop, which was planted at a record fast pace last week, an agricultural meteorologist said on Tuesday. FULL STORY »

Corn planting pace turns from record slow to record fast

Drier weather last week gave farmers the opportunity they needed to make up for lost time. After struggling for weeks against the wetter weather, they were able to get 71 percent of the corn in the ground. FULL STORY »

USDA researches environmentally friendly farming Play video

A USDA researcher is studying the feasibility of using cheaper alternatives to commercial fertilizers and how much farmers can use in an environmentally friendly way. FULL STORY »

Lawmakers plan to start drafting farm bill next week

Congress will begin writing a new, $500 billion U.S. farm law next week, the head of the Senate Agriculture Committee said on Tuesday, even as calls mounted for deeper cuts in farm subsidies and food stamp spending. FULL STORY »

Farmers consider using drones on crops

While most headlines about unmanned aircrafts and farms have involved animal rights groups, universities and businesses are experimenting with ways drones can be used to a farmer’s advantage. FULL STORY »

Planting corn late does not foretell low yield

Average recommended planting dates for corn in Iowa lie between April 12 and May 18 in order to achieve 98-100 percent yield potential, but yields can be above state yield trends with later planted corn. FULL STORY »

Showers keeping U.S. corn farmers at home

Wet and chilly weather into the weekend will continue to slow plantings of the U.S. corn crop that already has fallen to the slowest seeding pace on record, an agricultural meteorologist said on Friday. FULL STORY »

Your recipe for insect, weed control could be hazardous to corn

You are trying to manage your various risks in crop production, double checking weed and insect management plans. Then suddenly the crop protection chemical industry throws a wide sweeping curve ball that sails past you for a called strike. FULL STORY »

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