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Missouri River will not rescue Mississippi River in 2013

Think back to late in 2012 when the Mississippi River was at a low water level, and emergency measures were being taken to keep barges southbound with corn and soybeans for export. We may have déjà vu all over again. FULL STORY »

API files suit against ethanol mandate

The American Petroleum Institute has asked a federal appeals court to review EPA's 2013 renewable fuels standards, saying the rule is "unrealistic." The ethanol industry rejected the charge. FULL STORY »

Brochure provides nutritional data on soy products fed to pigs

A publication recently released by the University of Illinois is providing new nutritional information on soy products and their value when fed to pigs. FULL STORY »

Yields may be up this year, but prices are down

They may not take you by your ear like your mother did, but you’ll have some “splainin’ to do for your spouse and your lender when they see your income and other financial records for 2013 and 2014. FULL STORY »

Surprising Hogs & Pigs Report

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued its Quarterly Hogs & Pigs Report last Friday and there were a few surprises, including higher-than-expected pig numbers. FULL STORY »

Planning for 2014 crops

The front of your mind is likely looking out the cab of the combine and you are focused on harvesting corn or soybeans. However, in the back of your mind you are wondering about 2014 and what is in store? FULL STORY »

BASF launches mobile crop protection website

A new BASF mobile platform provides access to all crop protection product information for tablets and smartphones. FULL STORY »

Potential exists for corn ear molds this year

Weather extremes can create mold problems. Growers are encouraged to harvest infected fields early, plus closely monitor drying and storing. FULL STORY »

Potential for corn ear molds due to weather extremes

A growing season characterized by weather extremes, leading to crop stress during flowering and delayed maturity, has created favorable conditions for classic corn ear molds. FULL STORY »

Fall checklist for improving soybean yields

Michigan State University offers multiple management practices that have been proven to maximize soybean yields and profitability. Some of these practices include reducing soil compaction during harvest and fall tillage operations, soil sample for nutrient and pH analysis as well as soybean cyst nematodes, and select high-yielding, well-adapted varieties. FULL STORY »

Wild weather will mean lower corn and soybean yields

Most of 2013 has been much wetter and cooler than 2012, but heading into fall Missouri is experiencing heat and dryness that, coupled with earlier weather, could hurt corn and soybean yields. FULL STORY »

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PorkBridge and SowBridge Distance Education Programs

PorkBridge and SowBridge are distance education programs delivered through the coordinated effort of 11 university Extension programs. They provide relevant ... Read More

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