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Estimating yield potential of soybean by planting date

With the wet weather conditions this spring, many soybean growers are concerned about the late start this year compared to the 2012 spring. FULL STORY »

Improving corn success after 2012 drought

As we get close to planting corn it is a good time to make management decisions for the upcoming planting season. FULL STORY »

Optimal timing one key in getting corn planting off to good start

Growers who want to get their corn crop out to a good start this year should make sure they get it planted during the optimal corn-planting time, which in some parts of Ohio typically starts as early this week, an Ohio State University Extension expert says. FULL STORY »

Are 2013 crops in jeopardy of herbicide carryover?

The 2013 planting season is 2-4 weeks behind the early start of 2012, depending on your location in the Corn Belt. FULL STORY »

WeatherBug releases U.S. summer season forecast

WeatherBug is forecasting a summer season similar to 2012 for much of the continental U.S. For summer 2013, WeatherBug indicates a distinct threat for above-normal temperatures from west Texas across the Great Plains into the central and Southern Rockies, and across the Mid-South. FULL STORY »

Hog profits may still return with lower feed prices

The prospects for a return to profitability have brightened once again, but due to an entirely different reason: much lower feed prices. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: The four-ton sow

We now have production systems talking about the four-ton sow: 8,000 pounds of live weight sales per inventoried female. This goal is similar to the 30-pig goal of a few years ago, which was thought to be impossible. FULL STORY »

Corn, soybean, and wheat acreage trends surprising

Let’s begin with a quiz about the Corn Belt. Which state is increasing its corn acreage the most rapidly? Next question. FULL STORY »

Hog Outlook: Retail meat cuts renamed

The National Pork Board and the Beef Checkoff are working to modernize and standardize the names for retail meat cuts. Rather than the generic pork chop, the new plan is to sell porterhouse chops, ribeye chops and New York chops. FULL STORY »

Midwesterners open to wind farms, especially in rural areas

Indiana residents are overwhelmingly receptive to wind farms in their communities, even in areas that have rejected turbine development, according to Purdue University studies. FULL STORY »

Would you fund your own crop insurance program?

Crop insurance premiums for 2013 will be minimally different from last year. They will be less than 2012 because of the re-ratings by USDA’s Risk Management Agency, but not reflect any increase because of higher indemnity payouts from the 2012 drought. FULL STORY »

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