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Help Offered for Kansas Producers  
Even at this time of year when American farm families are typically looking forward to planning for the new year, some are struggling. A spouse may have lost an off-farm job, a family member may not fully know his place in an operation and others have been hit by low prices for what they produce.

NPPC Asks Congress To Help Pork Producers
The request for help was made by NPPC President Don Butler today before the Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry.

Financial Stress: What to Tell the Children Finance, Psychological
Don't hide financial challenges from your children, but make the message age appropriate.

Antitrust Experts to Examine Seed & Livestock Markets Risk Management
U.S. antitrust experts plan to investigating the agriculture sector beginning in early 2010.

Land Values And Rents: How Did The Recession Affect Them?
What has the recession done to farmland prices, farmstead values and cash rents?

'You Are Not to Blame'
It may be hard to make yourself believe it these days, but you are not to blame for the financial challenges your business is experiencing as a result of volatile commodity prices.

A Question of Convergence
USDA’s has released a report examining whether speculation in commodities markets skews the relationship between cash and futures prices.

Economic State Of The Ag Sector
The agricultural sector is not an economic island. However, the global financial difficulties that have caused severe heartburn for financial firms and most of the global economy have largely bypassed the agricultural sector.

New Farm Foreclosure Prevention Bill
President Barrack Obama last week signed legislation that is designed to help more farmers and ranchers restructure their loans versus being forced into foreclosure.

Stress, Depression: Know the Signs  
There is no denying that difficult times are upon us.