The Fall 2011 semester is soon approaching, and it's time to get registered for the Swine Science Online courses, which start Aug. 22. The courses being offered are:

Basic Swine Science (2 cr.) - Basic disciplines and concepts involved in swine production, including: industry structure, trends and statistics, production phases and buildings, genetic improvement, reproduction, nutrition, health and biosecurity, nutrient management, marketing and meat quality and career opportunities in the swine industry.

Employee Management/Swine Industry (1 cr.) - Effective employee management in swine production units. Assist students in understanding the principles, policies and practices related to procurement, development, maintenance and utilization of employees.

Swine Feed Mill Management. (1 cr.) - Principles of feed manufacturing, equipment operation, feed and ingredient quality assurance and regulatory compliance in a modern feed milling operation. Overview of feed mill regulations and safety.

Marketing & Risk Management in the Swine Industry (1 cr.) - A comprehensive view of industry structure and trends and marketing options are available in the swine industry. Management of risk between markets and/or contracts.

Contemporary Issues in the Swine Industry (1 cr.)- Evaluation of issues facing today's swine industry including: animal welfare, nutrient management and food safety and security. Development of skills needed for effective community relations such as media interviews and message points.

For more information on these courses, contact Maggie DenBeste at or at (515) 294-5231.

Source: U.S. Pork Center of Excellence