Employee Management

How engaged are your employees?

Engaged employees are more productive. But what can you do to get your employees more engaged? FULL STORY »

Take precautions to prevent heat-related illness

To prevent heat stress, officials suggest you monitor your co-workers and yourself. Remember, heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States. FULL STORY »

Obama immigration plan: More is needed

In a PorkNetwork exclusive Q&A with Craig Regelbrugge, co-chair, Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform, he says that what the President has done is more of a stopgap measure than a real solution which will take an act of Congress. FULL STORY »

Use caution when driving, or following, livestock trailers

Understanding the consequences of potential mistakes that can occur while on the road can ensure humans' and animals' safety. FULL STORY »

Orient new employees on your farm

When you hire a new employee on your farm, you must perform several regulatory procedures, but you will also find there are benefits in making a priority of providing an orientation for the employee. FULL STORY »

Pork Quality Assurance webinar set for June 19

In June pork producers and their employees can gain certification in the Pork Quality Assurance Plus Program through webinar sessions across Nebraska. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Producers 1, kids zero

A final decision by the Obama administration’s Department of Labor to rescind proposed rules prohibiting many work-related activities by children under 16 is good news—at least for parents. FULL STORY »

DOL shuts book on child labor proposal

The Department of Labor (DOL) ruffled some feathers last year with proposed changes regarding child labor on farms. The DOL has now officially withdrawn their rule, a month after announcing their intent to do so. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Immigration war hitting too close to home

Finding a reliable agriculture workforce is becoming more and more difficult. Congress must get to the root of the immigration problem by providing a guest worker program that works for the entire agricultural sector. FULL STORY »

Commentary: You need to thank Domino’s

If you’re in agriculture in any way, shape or form, you need to get on the team to thank Domino’s Pizza for the fact that its shareholders stood up to the Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) attempt to tell them how to run their business. Because, while the current issue centers on gestation-sow stalls, tomorrow it could focus on cheese and dairies or wheat and GMOs or any number of issues that activists decide to target. FULL STORY »

Thank Domino’s; order a pizza

A grassroots movement is afoot among those who support U.S. agriculture. More specifically, social media is sending out the word far and wide to support Domino’s Pizza this weekend, May 18-20, by ordering a pie—or several. FULL STORY »

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