Brumm Speaks Out: What is your summer management strategy?

While it may still be winter in the US, now is the time to begin implementing summer management strategies. The pigs you are placing into finishers this week will be going to market in June. FULL STORY »

Wall Street analysts see positive Hormel outlook

The outlook for Hormel Foods remains positive, according to two Wall Street analysts. FULL STORY »

China not yet demanding pledge Canada pork is ractopamine free

China is not yet requiring a third-party review of Canadian pork imports to ensure they are free of the feed additive ractopamine, Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said on Monday. FULL STORY »

Preparing your farm for the “what-if” scenario

Would you know what to do if your farm was destroyed by a tornado or featured on an undercover animal activist video? The Pork Checkoff has a two tools to help you plan and prepare for a crisis situation. FULL STORY »

U.S. government won't fall apart on "sequester" day of reckoning

Just as computers worldwide did not crash on January 1, 2000, in the "Y2K" scare and Earth itself did not shatter on December 21, 2012, as some interpreters of the Mayan calendar predicted, March 1, 2013, will not be remembered as the day the U.S. government disintegrated. FULL STORY »

New UN report claims a fertilizer crisis is looming

The United Nations has issued a new report, “Our Nutrient World” that claims the world is facing a fertilizer crisis because some areas of the world have too much fertilizer and others not enough. FULL STORY »

Risk management plans includes crop insurance

Many farms look to crop insurance as a key component of their risk management plan. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Feed milling charges

A couple of weeks ago I was with the mill manager of a local coop. He had just come from a meeting with his electricity supplier. FULL STORY »

Pork conference to unite producers, veterinarians, academics

Purdue University Extension and Indiana Pork are teaming up to host the third annual Southern Indiana Pork Conference and offer an update on the latest news in the pork industry. FULL STORY »

Overholt Drainage School offers soil, water management education

Ohio growers can increase yields by some 20 to 35 percent for rotation corn with proper subsurface drainage, according to research from Ohio State University's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center conducted at the Northwest Agricultural Research Station in Hoytville, Ohio. FULL STORY »

Hog Outlook: 2012 pork exports were record high

U.S. pork exports in 2012 were record high for the second consecutive year. Last year, the nation exported 5.4 billion pounds of pork and imported only 802 million pounds. FULL STORY »

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