Genetics News:

Newsham Researchers Identify Genetic Markers (10/14/2010)
Newsham Choice Genetics has completed the first phase of a comprehensive study to discover and map genes associated with health traits in pigs.

Newsham Launches Swine Genetics Web Site (2/8/2010)
Newsham Choice Genetics is launching a new Web site to benefit pork producers.

Ownership Change for Newsham Choice Genetics (1/28/2010)
Officials at Newsham Choice Genetics have announced that Groupe Grimaud, headquartered in France, will take over the U.S. genetics company as its full owner as of Feb. 1. The two companies describe the move as "forwarding their commitment to become a global leader in providing swine genetics."

Grant Advances Frozen Boar Semen Use (1/12/2010)
A $900,000 USDA grant will help University of Illinois researchers advance the knowledge and practical use of frozen boar semen in U.S. swine herds.

Scientists Sequence Corn Genome (11/24/2009)
USDA scientists and their colleagues have completed a four-year effort to sequence the genome of corn, an achievement expected to speed up development of corn varieties that will help feed the world and meet growing demands for using corn as a biofuel and animal feed.

Pig Genome Will Yield Many Important Benefits (11/6/2009)
The completion of a first draft of the pig genome sequence will yield many benefits for the pork industry and may reveal new information on human health.

Researchers Sequence Swine Genome (11/2/2009)
After years of work by a team of international researchers, the genetic code for domestic swine has been uncovered.

Just One Drop: A New Way to Monitor Animal Well-being (11/1/2009)
Producers, veterinarians and scientists are all aware that animal welfare in the agricultural sector is a growing area of concern for today’s society. 

Born Destiny (11/1/2009)
To call Max Rothschild a swine geneticist is too confining. Scratch the surface and you find so much more.

Hogs lead way in ‘transformation’ (6/1/2009)
To say pork production is different today from what it was 20 years ago could suggest subtle change over time — the kind you might expect as an industry slowly evolves and matures.

Check out America's Best Swine Genetics (5/28/2009) 
A showcase of America's most prominent purebred genetic resources offers you the opportunity to see what's available and learn more about the cutting edge of purebred genetics.

Taking U.S. Production to Asia (5/15/2009) 
AgFeed Industries, a large Chinese pork production and animal nutrient company, will form a joint venture with M2P2, a leading U.S. hog production and consulting company.

Are Your Pigs Road-Ready? (5/1/2009) 
For nearly six months you have fed, cared for, housed and prepared your finishing hogs.