Pig lameness solutions could save $23 million annually

Understanding and solving lameness challenges in pigs could save pork producers as a whole $23 million a year. To assist in finding answers, USDA’s Agriculture Food Research Initiative presented a four-year, $700,000 grant to investigate the issue. FULL STORY »

LSU swine unit tour: sow gestation floor Play video

A short video of the sow gestation floor at the LSU Swine Unit. In the farm's feedlot barn some of the replacement gilts and boars get up close and personal with the camera. FULL STORY »

Hog Outlook: Strong December Pork Demand, Prices End Higher

As usually happens, retail pork prices dropped in December. The average grocery store price of pork last month was $3.188 per pound, down 13.2 cents from November, but still 36.8 cents higher than 12 months earlier.

Glycerin Confirmed As Feasible Feedstuff For Swine

An increased interest in biofuel production and a growing need to find cost-effective livestock feedstuff alternatives has led University of Illinois researchers to further evaluate the use of glycerin in swine diets.

Strong November Pork Exports

Fourth-quarter exports are expected to be 1.15 billion lbs, or 2.95 percent ahead of the same period in 2009. While high U.S. pork prices are expected to persist into 2011 and to slow growth in the demand for U.S. pork, total 2011 pork exports are expected to increase by more than 9 percent above 2010 shipments.

Slightly Higher 2011 Pork Output Expected

In a U.S. animal-protein market environment now dominated by upside feed-price risk, the Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report released by USDA on December 27, 2010, showed lower swine inventories and lower farrowing intentions for the first half of 2011.

Hog Outlook: Pork Exports Jump, Prices End Higher

U.S. pork exports during November were up 19.7% from the month before and up 6.7% compared to November 2009. The big growth markets were China, Mexico and Japan, each buying at least 10 million pounds more U.S. pork than 12 months earlier. Pork exports equaled 19.6% of November production. Pork imports were up 0.4% in November.

Hog Outlook: Bright Outlook For 2011, Meat Supply Declines

The livestock price outlook for 2011 is bright. The per capita supply of red meat and poultry is expected to be lower for the fifth consecutive year; down 2.6 pounds from last year and the smallest since 1997. The forecast is for only 46.7 pounds of retail pork per person, the smallest supply since 1978. FULL STORY »

Hog Outlook: Prices Ends Higher, Slaughter Total Climbs

The average carcass weight of barrows and gilts slaughtered the week ending December 18 was 205 pounds, unchanged from the previous week and 7 pounds heavier than a year ago. Iowa-Minnesota live weights for barrows and gilts marketed last week averaged 274.3 pounds, up 0.5 pound from the week before and up 6.8 pounds compared to a year earlier.

Hog Outlook: Swine Breeding Herd Declines, Frozen Pork Down

USDA's December Hogs and Pigs reports said the swine breeding herd was down 1.2% at the start of December and the market hog inventory was down 0.8% compared to December 1, 2009. USDA said fall farrowings were down 2.3% and predicted winter farrowings would be down 0.6% and spring farrowing would be 2.3% lower than for March-May 2010.

Hog Outlook: Lower U.S. Pork Exports, Prices End Higher

The average price of pork in grocery stores last month was $3.32 per pound, the second highest month ever. November retail pork prices were down 4.3 cents from October, but 50.2 cents higher than in November 2009.

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