Rich nations owe more to combating global climate change

Major emerging economies' obligations to cut emissions under a climate change agreement should not be the same as those of rich countries, Brazil's chief negotiator said, signaling a retreat to an old position that has hamstrung years of U.N. negotiations. FULL STORY »

Soil nutrients from livestock manure are valuable

Fertilizer prices have increased dramatically over the last decade. Soil fertility is a critical factor affecting yield potential. Nutrients should be spread evenly over fields, rather than allow nutrients to build to high levels on a few fields. FULL STORY »

The nutrient value of drought-stressed corn

The variability in corn growth during a drought often varies not only by area of the state, but by field and within the field. Available water differences cause most of the growth variability, but soil fertility also will influence the nutrients taken up by the plant. It is best to sample the field for levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur. FULL STORY »

Water control structure benefits farmers and environment

A new field drainage technology could help reduce runoff from farm fields and reduce the risk of harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie and other Ohio lakes. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Pit pumping ventilation

We’re far enough along with harvest that many producers have begun pumping manure pits. Yesterday I received a call regarding 30 pigs that died over the weekend during pumping and last night an email about rumors of increased pig deaths this year. FULL STORY »

Lower crop yields may result in nutrient credits

The lower yields experienced by many farmers this year due to the drought can lead to less removal of nutrients from a field, resulting in nutrient credits. Drought nutrient credits can be important particularly on fields where little or no material was harvested in 2012, according to John Lory, Extension associate professor, University of Missouri. FULL STORY »

Use caution when pumping manure from deep pits

Many pork producers are getting ready to pump deep pits and caution is required due to hazards that accompany the job. If foam is present, the hazards are multiplied. FULL STORY »

Pit foaming research offers a solution

Just in time for the fall manure pumping season, University of Minnesota engineers have released results on research that offers a solution to control foaming risks in deep-pit manure storage. FULL STORY »

No-Till farming helps capture soil water

Producers affected by the 2012 drought might benefit from using no-till to increase the amount and uniformity of snow cover on their fields. This would increase soil water recharge rates and soil moisture storage, which would facilitate the return of drought-stricken fields to their former productivity. FULL STORY »

Premium Standard Farms settles odor lawsuit

Premium Standard Farms (PSF) has settled a long-running lawsuit on odor emanating from the company’s swine buildings located in northern Missouri. Terms of the settlement were not released. FULL STORY »

Forum to highlight preventing farm accidents, injuries

Workers and families in farm-related businesses and other agricultural occupations can learn how to make their farms safer at the Agricultural Safety and Health Forum. FULL STORY »

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