U.S. farmland prices stay high, but cash rents due for pressure

U.S. farmland values have remained strong this summer despite falling crop prices, but that could change heading into the busy annual auction season at year's end, auctioneers say. FULL STORY »

Commentary: ‘Animal Rights or Wrongs?’

A kids’ show explores the contentious issue of using animals to test drugs or conduct research. What they had to say offer a valuable insight into why the issue is so volatile even for adults FULL STORY »

Lighter Side: Pig chases kids through Maine woods

Police in Maine are on the lookout after two children were allegedly a pig. FULL STORY »

Commentary: ‘Healthy’ obesity?

Can someone be fat and healthy at the same time? Researchers say that everyone who’s obese isn’t always unhealthy, and the difference maker isn’t one’s diet — it’s a single protein. FULL STORY »

Reducing fertilizer use with a more accurate soil test

Soil tests that determine fertilizer needs measure nitrate in the soil, but they don't sufficiently account for soil microbes, which mineralize organic nitrogen and make more of it available to a crop. As a result, farmers often apply more fertilizer than they need. FULL STORY »

Pork net sales slip another 27%

According to the USDA’s latest Weekly Export Sales report, pork net sales of 8,900 metric tons (MT) for 2014 were down 27 percent from the previous week and 19 percent from the prior 4-week average. FULL STORY »

Manure storage challenged after historic rains

Heavy rains can add water to manure storage. This reduces space for manure and freeboard and makes emptying pits more difficult. FULL STORY »

Are you prepared for a manure spill?

In the case of a manure spill, livestock producers should have a spill kit prepared. FULL STORY »

Meat prices expected to remain high

Tighter supplies of cattle and hogs combined with improved domestic demand are keeping prices high, said LSU AgCenter economist Ross Pruitt. FULL STORY »

Lighter Side: Say ‘hey’ to free bacon

Want to win a year’s supply of free bacon? Patrick Cudahy is making it happen for several lucky fans. FULL STORY »

Top 5 online farming fallacies

Online games give the impression farming and ranching is as easy as clicking a mouse. But it’s more difficult than that. FULL STORY »

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