Photo of the day: ‘Does he moo or oink?’

Erin Brenneman, a PorkNetwork blogger and part of the Brenneman Pork family, opened the farrowing barn doors to her Twitter followers with a snapshot of a uniquely colored piglet. FULL STORY »

USDA helps create a universal PEDv language

As the USDA worked through some of issues surrounding a federal mandate on PEDv/PDCov reporting it became apparent that in order to assist the industry they first needed to clarify and label the different phases of infections. FULL STORY »

Brumm Speaks Out: Begin thinking about winter’s propane needs

While it is the middle of July, now is the time to think about next winter’s propane needs. For those of us in the upper Midwest, thoughts of last winter’s spike in spot prices to over $5 per gallon along with one of the coldest winters on record are not good. FULL STORY »

Common Sense “On Call”: Too many pigs???

We need to take a closer look at stocking issues rather than the number of pigs we’re raising, especially the profit margins we have right now. FULL STORY »

The Maschhoffs buys two JBS sow farms

The Maschhoffs, North America’s largest family-owned pork production company, recently announced it has acquired two Indiana sow farms from affiliates of JBS United, Inc. FULL STORY »

Sourcing key question in global pork industry

Rabobank has published a new report on the global pork industry, looking at issues of supply, demand and pricing in key markets worldwide, particularly the issue of sourcing for markets affected by porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDv). FULL STORY »

Arby's celebrates 50th with Mega Meat Stacks

With Taco Bell’s Power Cantina menu and many other fast food giants packing in extra protein, Arby’s was bound to catch on. With a celebrity voice like Ving Rhames to narrate their commercials, Arby’s is all-in on this pro-protein campaign. FULL STORY »

Judge: Indiana hog farms protected by ‘Right to Farm’ law

An Indiana judge upheld the state’s right to farm law and threw out lawsuits filed against four Indiana hog farms after plaintiffs failed to prove the defendants were negligent. FULL STORY »

Japan pork production down 5% due to PEDv

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus is having the same impact in Japan as it has on the United States. Officials estimate pork production may be down at least 5 percent this coming fall and winter, which means the country will likely need to import more pork. FULL STORY »

May pork exports run slightly ahead of last year

U.S. pork exports in May were 430.8 million pounds, slightly above (0.06 percent) exports in May 2013. FULL STORY »

New research shows promise in controlling feral hogs

Louisiana State University AgCenter researchers are beginning to look at baits containing sodium nitrite as a way to control the feral hog populations in the state. FULL STORY »

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