JoongAng Daily reports Koreans are beginning to view U.S. beef as a safe, tasty and affordable choice, a vast improvement from the stigma it carried two years ago.

Following breakouts of mad cow disease in 2008, Korea purchased less U.S. beef, but two years later consumers are starting to change their minds. U.S. beef rose about six percent to be 30.4 percent of the total amount of beef imported to Korea in the first four months of 2010. U.S. beef is stealing more of the market away from Australia, Korea’s primary supplier of beef with 52 percent of all beef imported by Korea in that same time frame.

A hotel industry official in Korea said they’re seeing a lack of supply of high-quality Australian beef in Korea. Hotels may slowly buy more quality beef from the U.S. as safety and quality concerns over American beef subside.

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