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Informa Economics outlook session, Nov. 15

Issues related to Europe's financial crisis, combined with the domestic and global macro-economic landscape will significantly impact U.S. business, commodities and the agriculture and food sectors. These issues and a post-election rundown will highlight Informa Economics' 27th Annual Fall Outlook Conference. FULL STORY »

Banff Pork Seminar set for Jan. 15-17

The seminar sessions are set up so attendees can select the options most relevant to them. Although the sessions tackle pork industry issues from a number of different angles, they are all focused on pork industry profitability. FULL STORY »

Cattlemen sue bank tied to livestock broker

Cattle producers, auction markets and cattle dealers who worked with Eastern Livestock will sue the broker’s bank for its involvement in what they’re calling a “modern-era cattle rustling.” FULL STORY »

Metz Culinary Management sets a 2017 gestation-stall-free target

Metz Culinary Management, a provider of dining management services, primarily in the Northeastern United States, says it will work with its pork suppliers to eliminate gestation-sow stalls by 2017. FULL STORY »

Blame the drought for this year’s expensive Thanksgiving dinner

This year’s Thanksgiving dinner for 10 is estimated to increase by less than 1 percent. The summer's widespread drought is expected to add another 28 cents to the bill. FULL STORY »

Pork featured at Taste of Home cooking school

Creating meal magic in minutes becomes an adventure at the Taste of Home Cooking School, where pork has been a showstopper this fall, reports the National Pork Board (NPB). FULL STORY »

Confidence high that ag can increase productivity

A majority of consumers and growers agree that modern agriculture can achieve two critical goals simultaneously: Feed the world’s growing population while demonstrating responsible stewardship. FULL STORY »

AFBF: Important agriculture issues ahead for Congress

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) congratulates President Barack Obama on his re-election, as well as those elected to the 113th session of Congress. But, what's vital now, is that bipartisan efforts come together and resolve challenges. FULL STORY »

Canada confident U.S. will approve major oil pipeline to Gulf

Canada is confident the United States will approve TransCanada Corp's controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Alberta's tar sands to the Gulf Coast, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said on Wednesday. FULL STORY »

Voters reject Proposition 37 and Measure 5

Voters in California and North Dakota rejected two ballot initiatives that were opposed by agriculture groups. Both measures generated interest from far outside those states from food advocates and animal rights activists. FULL STORY »

Prop 37: California rejects proposal to label GMO foods

Despite some high-profile support from food celebrities and food writers, Californians defeated Proposition 37, which would have required foods containing GMOs to be labeled as such. FULL STORY »

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