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Ag coalition urges Congress to pass a farm bill this year

A wide-sweeping coalition of 235 agriculture organizations sent a letter to Congressional leadership urging the passage of a new five-year farm bill to be signed into law by the end of the legislative session. FULL STORY »

Selecting corn hybrids for 2013

It is that time of year for farmers to place orders for corn seed. Nathan Mueller, SDSU Extension Agronomist, says two questions many growers should ask are: 1) How many hours do I spend selecting corn hybrids? 2) Who and what influence my decision? FULL STORY »

Managing volunteer corn

DuPont Pioneer offers information on the yield impact of volunteer corn and provides some management options. FULL STORY »

Cargill says Mexico owes it $95 million in NAFTA dispute

U.S. agribusiness company Cargill Inc. filed a suit in a U.S. court on Tuesday to compel Mexico to pay a $94.6 million award over trade barriers the company says Mexico put up against high-fructose corn syrup from 2002 to 2007. FULL STORY »

World wheat trade higher this month

World wheat trade for the international 2012/13 July-June trade year is projected higher this month by 2.7 million tons, to 138.8 million. China’s imports are projected 1.0 million tons higher to 2.5 million, reflecting strong pace of imports in the past month and recent purchases from various major exporters. FULL STORY »

Domestic wheat situation: 2012-13 Supplies

Supplies for 2012/13 are 168 million bushels above 2011/12. Higher production (+270 million bushels) and imports (+18 million bushels) more than offset lower beginning stocks (-119 million bushels) year to year. FULL STORY »

U.S. winter wheat conditions mixed

Winter wheat conditions as of November 4 are not as favorable as last year at this time. For all winter wheat seedings, 39 percent of the crop rated good to excellent compared to 49 percent a year ago. Nineteen percent of the seedings this year are rated poor to very poor compared to 15 percent a year ago at this time. FULL STORY »

Hybrid offerings change rapidly year to year

Corn growers talk about the years when seed corn companies would offer the same number of hybrids for a few years, but today the seed companies are coming out with large numbers of new hybrids each year. FULL STORY »

Row width trends in soybeans

Extensive research studies conducted over many locations and years have compared drilled narrow rows vs. 30-inch rows in soybeans, and have generally shown a significant yield advantage for drilled narrow rows. In recent years, however, drilled soybeans have fallen out of favor in many areas. FULL STORY »

Syngenta introduces 70 corn hybrids for 2013

Syngenta has introduced a diverse line-up of 70 new corn hybrids for the 2013 planting season. The new offering includes 27 hybrids containing genetics that are new to the market. FULL STORY »

Soil compaction management

It is important to have a thorough understanding of the basics of soil compaction and to make the investment to address it to maintain the productivity of the soil and improve the ability to be in the fields under sub-optimal conditions. FULL STORY »

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