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Water considerations for Kansas’ future

Water usage and rights are becoming increasingly hot issues in today’s conservation-conscious society, only exacerbated by the prolonged drought in the Midwest. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback reiterated the importance of water conservation at the Governor’s Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas. FULL STORY »

Invading weeds are met by an offense of plant-eating insects

What is the best course of action when an invading noxious weed threatens to attack crop yields and assault grazing land? The stem-mining weevil may be the answer. FULL STORY »

California GMO measure may fail after food industry fights back

Major food and seed companies appear to be on the verge of defeating a California ballot initiative that, if passed on Tuesday, would create the first labeling requirement for genetically modified foods in the United States. FULL STORY »

Oil down near $105 on Sandy, dollar strength

Oil prices slipped to around $105 a barrel on Monday, weighed down by a strong dollar and demand destruction after Superstorm Sandy, while investors remained cautious ahead of the U.S. presidential election. FULL STORY »

Two economist highlights from ASFMRA

The 83rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA), which also included the Agronomics—Vision 2013, more than anything else included a program of economists providing differing views and various outlooks for land values, U.S. grain marketing and world economies. FULL STORY »

Choosing corn hybrids with diverse genetics

Diversity is an important strategy to mitigate risk. In corn production, this means choosing diverse hybrid genetics to hedge against weather, disease or pest-related risks that might affect any particular product. FULL STORY »

Maple Leaf to purchase Puratone

Canada’s Maple Leaf Foods has moved to acquire the Puratone Corp., the third-largest hog production company in Manitoba. The transaction is reported at $42 million, including livestock, facilities and interests in some joint ventures. FULL STORY »

The biofuels era: A changing of the guard?

Although ethanol has garnered nearly all of the headlines in recent years, its role as the leading driver of crop prices may be nearing an end. FULL STORY »

Target places a bulls-eye on gestation stalls

With its iconic bulls-eye trademark, Target is making its mark on the gestation-sow stall issue. The nation’s second-largest discount retailer wants its pork suppliers to eliminate the gestation-stall housing system from its supply chain by 2022. FULL STORY »

Seed prices going up, but so will revenues

Farmers will pay significantly more for the seed planted in 2013 but they will make up for it with higher returns on their investment, predicts a Purdue University agricultural economist. FULL STORY »

Short course targets swine design engineers

The University of Missouri Extension Commercial Agriculture Program is offering a new three-day seminar for swine producers and design engineers. The “PE Short Course – Design and Construction of Livestock Manure Systems to Meet MDNR Regulations” runs Nov. 14-16. FULL STORY »

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