European invasion?

While the U.S. Meat Export Federation and other groups promote the quality of American meat in places like South Korea and Japan, a campaign promoting European beef and pork is about to begin here in the United States. FULL STORY »

Canadian organic sector celebrates trade deal with Europe

Canada and the European Union have reached an historic agreement to recognize each other's organic standards and laws, after nearly four years of formal negotiation. FULL STORY »

Commodities market impact weather: Favorable heat for Midwest

Favorable Midwest heat, light Northern Plains rainfall, a variable Delta and Southeast trend, dry and hot for wheat harvest, additional West Texas heat, mixed trends in the Canadian Prairies, a hotter trend in northern China, periods of rain in central China, hotter and drier in western Europe, rainy and cool in Ukraine and Russia, and an mixed monsoon rain pattern in India are the main weather items for the commodity trade's attention. FULL STORY »

Grassley, colleagues urge lifting Russian trade barriers

Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R- Iowa), Sen. Ben Nelson, (D-Neb.), and 26 other U.S. senators, are urging the top U.S. trade official to work to lift Russian trade barriers to U.S. pork products. FULL STORY »

Commodities market impact weather: Continued Midwest field-work delays

Continued delays in Midwest field work, persistent dryness in the Southern Plains, limited field-work progress in the Northern Plains, a mixed pattern in the Delta, another dry outlook for West Texas, meager rainfall in western Europe, a developing drier trend in Ukraine, a mild pattern in central China, and approaching showers over northern China are the main weather items for the commodity trade's attention. FULL STORY »

International pig genetics alliance formed

Continuing the growth of its international pig genetics business, Groupe Grimaud, parent company of Newsham, has entered into an alliance with Pen Ar Lan, an international pig genetics company with operations in France, Poland, Brazil and Canada. FULL STORY »

EU talks on banning food from cloned animals fail

European Union negotiators on Tuesday abandoned widely popular new legislation that would have banned cloning animals to produce food after all-night talks bogged down in disagreement. FULL STORY »

German Agriculture Minister Vows Tougher Controls

Germany's agriculture minister says the country is planning to increase controls on livestock feed and groceries in reaction to the dioxin-tainted food scandal that let to the closure of thousands of farms selling eggs, poultry and pork. FULL STORY »

Germany To Up Feed Controls After Dioxin Scandal

Germany will tighten quality controls for the production of livestock feed after illegal levels of a cancer-causing chemical were found in poultry and pork products, officials said Friday, as the country struggled to restore confidence in its products. FULL STORY »

Germany Kills Hundreds Of Dioxin-Contaminated Pigs

German authorities ordered hundreds of pigs slaughtered Tuesday after tests showed high levels of a cancer-causing chemical for the first time in swine, as the nation's dioxin scandal widened beyond poultry and eggs.

Germany Lifts Dioxin-Related Bans On 3,050 Farms

German agricultural officials lifted a sales ban Monday for 3,050 of the farms closed after livestock feed was tainted with dioxin and met with feed producers to find the source of the contamination. FULL STORY »

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