A series of crop insurance workshops - RAM II Workshops - are planned for February and March in Kansas, Nebraska and Ohio.

"Changes in farm legislation, including the SURE and ACRE programs, expanded bio-fuels and ethanol, combined with volatile crop prices have producers considering different methods for managing yield and price risk," said Art Barnaby, agricultural economist with Kansas
State University Research and Extension. "This workshop will introduce producers to an integrated marketing/production management approach that combines government programs, crop insurance and alternative marketing techniques."

Named after the Risk-Assessed Marketing crop insurance and grain marketing programs available to producers, the workshops are called RAM II because they now include the Supplemental Revenue
Assistance Program and Average Crop Revenue Election programs.

The workshops are sponsored by Kansas State University Research and Extension, the North Central Risk Management Education Center at the University of Nebraska, and Ohio State University Extension.

Dates, locations and contact information for the workshops include:

*   Feb. 18 - McPherson, Kan. - Dale Ladd, (620) 241-1523 or dladd@ksu.edu

*   Feb. 22 - Bowling Green, Ohio - Alan Sundemeier, (419) 354-9050 or sundermeier.5@osu.edu

*   Feb. 23 - Coshocton, Ohio - Howard Siegrist, (740) 670-5315 or siegrist1@cfaes.osu.edu or Chris Zoller, (330) 339-2337 or zoller.1@osu.edu

*   Feb. 25 - Imperial, Neb. - Ruth Gerdes, (402) 274-2907 or gerdesaai@neb.rr.com

*   March 2 - Beloit, Kan. - Scott Chapman, (785) 738-3597 or schapman@ksu.edu

*   March 4 - Goodland, Kan. - Dana Belshe, (785) 890-4880 or dbelshe@ksu.edu

*   March 5 - Garden City, Kan. - Dean Whitehill, (620) 272-3670 or dwhitehi@ksu.edu

*   March 11 - Russell, Kan. - John Stannard, (785) 483-3157 or jstannar@ksu.edu

More information is also available on the Web: www.agmanager.info.