Another swine herd in Wisconsin tested positive for pseudorabies this week. The latest case was identified southeast of Loyal, Wis., which follows last week's discovery of a 300-herd around Greenwood, Wis., both are in Clark County. Upon finding the first herd, USDA gave the state until May 2 to destroy the infected Greenwood herd and test all swine herds within five miles.

After identifying the second herd, USDA established a new quarantine zone around Loyal. It's worth noting that Loyal falls outside of the 5-mile quarantine zone associated with the Greenwood herd.

Wisconsin has carried the PRV-free status since 2000, and the United States eradicated the disease from all commercial swine herds as of 2003.  Experts say the disease could have been re-introduced by feral pigs, which has been an industry concern and whose growing numbers present a new challenge today.

The Loyal farm is populated with Eurasian Swine or razorbacks.

Source: WKBT LaCrosse