A new web based company that focuses solely on projects and short term work in the agriculture industry is now available. Aggie-Lance is a new web service that provides a hub for freelance professionals and small businesses.

“Aggie-Lance provides an opportunity for agribusinesses of all kinds to farm out the projects they don’t want, don’t have time for, or simply don’t possess the expertise to accomplish,” says Mark Jewell of Carroll, Iowa, creator of the site. This unique service enables a growing database of freelance professionals, and small businesses around the world to bid on the projects posted by agribusinesses.

Agribusinesses or individuals create profiles and post their projects on Aggie-Lance at no charge. People or businesses with the various expertise also log on to the website and create profiles. These people then bid or provide proposals on the projects. Upon acceptance of a bid, they begin working. At the time the project is complete, the work is delivered, and the person completing the work gets paid.

This is a revolutionary way to get work done in the agriculture industry. Aggie-Lance is the only service that specifically markets to agribusinesses. For more information, visit www.aggielance.com or contact Mark directly at 1-800-906-6924, ext 101, or e-mail mark@aggielance.com.